Fabrication of Switches on Polymer-Based by Hot Embossing


In MEMS technology, most of the devices are fabricated on glass or silicon substrate. However, this research presents a novel manufacture method that is derived from conventional hot embossing technology to fabricate the electrostatic switches on polymer material. The procedures of fabrication involve the metal deposition, photolithography, electroplating, hot embossing and hot embed techniques. The fundamental concept of the hot embed technology is that the temperature should be increased above Tg of polymer, and the polymer becomes plastic and viscous and could be molded. According to the fundamental concept, the metal layer on the silicon/glass substrate could be embedded into polymer material during the hot embossing process. Afterward, the metal layer is bonded together with the polymer after removing the substrate in the de-embossing step. Finally, the electrostatic switch is fabricated on polymethylmethacrylate(PMMA) material to demonstrate the novel method.Comment: Submitted on behalf of TIMA Editions (

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