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‘A Sense of Region’? Independent Television in the Midlands, 1950 - 2000

By John Wallace


This project has been undertaken with the intention of discussing two closely related themes, the first of which is to provide a general history of ITV's performance in the Midlands in the twentieth century, in which the most significant events to have occurred during this period have been analysed, and various assessments on these events have emerged as a result. The second, and most important, of these themes, concerns the concept of `regional identity', leading to the question of the extent to which the companies that have represented TTV in the Midlands since the mid-1950s (ATV, ABC, Central, and Carlton) have attempted to create or reflect feelings of regionalism in general, and regional identity in particular, through their programmes and other activities. The information included in this study has come from a variety of sources, including reports and other relevant material from the companies themselves, and from the various broadcasting authorities, whose responsibility has been to administer the work of the companies. In addition, this project contains extracts from a series of interviews with some of the most important people connected with ITV in the Midlands, including presenters, producers, and senior executives from the various companies, and other interested parties, including representatives from the broadcasting authorities. This study concludes with an examination of Carlton's record in the Midlands following its takeover of Central in 1994, and considers the future prospects for ITV in the Midlands under Carlton or any other company that assumes control of the broadcasting licence for the commercial channel in this region

Publisher: University of Leicester
Year: 2004
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