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Thixoforming Two Different Steels

By M.Z. Omar, Helen V. Atkinson, E.J. Palmiere, A.A. Howe and P. Kapranos


This paper was presented at The 9th International ESAFORM conference on Material Forming, Glasgow, U.K., April 26-29 2006, and published in the Proceedings.Thixoforming involves shaping metal components in the semi-solid state. Two different steels have been thixoformed. Firstly, an M2 tool steel and secondly a high performance steel HP9/4/30. The M2 tool steel is supplied in the GFM hot forged state (with tempering at 700°C and annealing at 860°C). The HP9/4/30 is received as hot rolled ingot which has been subjected to a commercial heat treatment. In both cases, the steel is then directly thixoformed from the as-supplied state; there is no additional intermediate step to obtain a structure such that, in the semi-solid state, the microstructure will be spheroidal. In both cases, the material has been successfully thixoformed

Topics: Thixoforming, partial melting, segregation bands, HP9/4/30, M2 tool steel
Publisher: Akapit Publishing House
Year: 2006
OAI identifier: oai:lra.le.ac.uk:2381/8726

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