Thermo- and magneto-electric effects in superconducting hybrid structures with spin -dependent fields


Resumen del trabajo presentado a la Conferencia Frontiers in Theoretical and Applied Physics, celebrada en la American University of Sharjah (UAE) del 22 al 25 de febrero de 2017.In this talk I will discuss a theoretical proposal and recent experiments on how to use superconductors with spin-split density of states for thermoelectricity and spin-caloritronics. I will briefly introduce a theory framework in order to describe the coupling of charge, heat and spin non-equilibrium modes in superconductors with an intrinsic spin-splitting field. The interplay between the superconducting state and such a field leads to striking phenomena which I will illustrate by briefly discussing few examples: (i) a huge thermoelectric effect in a normal-ferromagnetic insulator-superconductor (N-FI-S) structure, (ii) the occurrence of a thermophase in S-FI-S structures, (iii) the possibility of using FI-S in high sensitive detectors and thermometers, and (iv) a heat valve based on a ferromagnetic Josephson junction. I will also discuss first experiments in this field that basically shows the feasibility of such devices.Peer Reviewe

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