The effect of education of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (C.P.R) on knowledge of nursing staff and C.P.R team members in a hospital in Kerman province


Approximately half of the cardiac arrest mortality occurred in hospitals and nurses are one of the key persons in acceptance duty. For proper performing resuscitation nurses have to have theoretical knowledge and practical skill. Literature review shows knowledge as well as skill deficiency among nurses in this topic. To investigate the effect of CPR education by booklets and brushers on knowledge of Emergency staffs and members of CPR team in one Kerman province hospital at2008. In this quasi-experimental study، to assess CPR knowledge a questionnaire consists of 15 items was used. After confirming the validity and reliability، it was distributed among participants (CPR team and emergency ward staffs). After pretest، booklets and brushers (according to the new protocol of CPR for each part of subject) were distributed among participants. Post test was done after 8 days and data were analyzed by SPSS17. According to the results، after education، knowledge scores of staff about CPR was significantly more than that of before education (P<0.001). Mean of knowledge scores of ICU and CCU nurses in both pre test and post test were higher than that of others (P<0.001). It can be concluded that education، even if it would be inexpensive and brief، has positive effect on improvement of nurses’ knowledge. This study highlights the role of education in development of competency and confident of nurses in the topic of CPR Keywords: Education, knowledge, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation team, nurs

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