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A review of subtidal benthic habitats and invertebrate biota of the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia

By B.J. Burd, P.A.G. Barnes, C.A. Wright, R.E. Thomson, Albright, Anderson, Asmus, Baba, Balch, Bard, Barthel, Bell, Bell, Bendell-Young, Berggren, Bett, Boatman, Bornhold, Bousfield, Brenchley, Bruce, Burd, Burd, Burd, Burd, Burd, Burd, Burgess, Carswell, Conlan, Conway, Cook, Coull, Cross, Dayton, de Brouwer, De Robertis, Decho, Denny, Duggins, Dumbauld, Dunn, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Emerson, Engel, Farrow, Fonseca, Foreman, Foreman, Freeland, Gargett, Gerlach, Goldstein, Griffin, Grout, Gucluer, Haigh, Haigh, Hannides, Hargrave, Harper, Harrison, Harrison, Hart, Hayashi, Heck, Heck, Hewitt, Hickin, Hill, Holte, Hoskins, Hunt, Jamieson, Je, Johannessen, Johannessen, Johannessen, Johannessen, Johannessen, Kellerhals, Krautter, Kristensen, Kristensen, Lamb, LeBlonde, Levings, Levings, Levings, Levings, Leys, Li, Long, Macdonald, Macdonald, Macdonald, Mackas, Marinone, Masson, Masson, Masson, Maurer, McLaren, Møller, Mosher, NEMP, Newell, Nickel, Orvain, Paine, Ledge and Associates Paine, Parsons, Pawlowicz, Pearson, Pickard, Pohle, Post, Prior, Probert, Ragnarsson, Rhoads, Roegner, Rowe, Schwinghamer, Schwinghamer, Seed, Shang, Sibert, Sibert, Smith, Smith, Snyder, Spaulding, Stacey, Stacey, Stephenson, Stephenson, Stephenson, Stockner, Stucchi, Swinbanks, Taylor, Thomson, Thomson, Thomson, Tito de Morais, Tunnicliffe, Tunnicliffe, Tunnicliffe, Tunnicliffe, Wainwright, Waldichuk, Wang, Warwick, Warwick, Watling, Whiteley, Wlodarska-Kowalczuk, Yunker, Zacharias, Zacharias, Zacharias, Zacharias, Ziervogel, Zis and Zorn
Publisher: 'Elsevier BV'
DOI identifier: 10.1016/j.marenvres.2008.09.004
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Provided by: Crossref

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