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The production and distribution of brick and tile in Roman Britain

By Alan David McWhirr


Production and distribution are the two main themes of this thesis, it\ud is not a detailed study of the uses of brick and tile. It begins by\ud reviewing the development of brick and tiles studies in Britain and\ud draws attention to the lack of research in this field. The epigraphic\ud and literary evidence for brick-making is briefly examined including\ud some examples from outside Britain. The introduction of brick-making\ud into Britain is discussed along with the use of unfired clay bricks\ud which are being found on an increasing number of sites. There then\ud follows a detailed survey of civilian brick-making in Britain in which\ud several different modes of production are suggested and parallels drawn\ud with what is known from recent brickyards.\ud Many of the ideas put forward in this study are based on a detailed\ud examination of stamped tiles found in the Cotswolds. In addition all known\ud civilian tile-stamps have been listed and discussed. The distribution\ud of the Cotswolds tile-stamps has, along wit1h the identification of\ud clay sources, allowed certain ideas of organisation of tile production\ud to be put forward. \ud A major part of the thesis list and reviews all the sites where -tile\ud and brick production took place and there is a plan of every known,\ud tile-kiln in Britain., including military examples. There is also a\ud gazetteer of sites where tile production is suspected. The possibility\ud of clamps being used to fire tile and brick is reviewed.\ud Finally there is a section dealing with military organisation, stamping\ud and firing

Publisher: University of Leicester
Year: 1984
OAI identifier: oai:lra.le.ac.uk:2381/4723

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