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Evaluating Quasi-local Angular Momentum and Center-of-Mass at Null Infinity

By Jordan Keller, Ye-Kai Wang and Shing-Tung Yau


We calculate the limits of the quasi-local angular momentum and center-of-mass defined by Chen-Wang-Yau \cite{CWY} for a family of spacelike two-spheres approaching future null infinity in an asymptotically flat spacetime admitting a Bondi-Sachs expansion. Our result complements earlier work of Chen-Wang-Yau \cite{CWY2}, where the authors calculate the limits of the quasi-local energy and linear momentum at null infinity. Finiteness of the center-of-mass limit requires that the spacetime be in the so-called center-of-mass frame, a mild assumption on the mass aspect function amounting to vanishing of linear momentum at null infinity. With this condition and the assumption that the Bondi mass is non-trivial, we obtain explicit expressions for the angular momentum and center-of-mass at future null infinity in terms of the observables appearing in the Bondi-Sachs expansion of the spacetime metric.Comment: 35 pages, no figur

Topics: Mathematics - Differential Geometry, General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
Year: 2018
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