Unusual behaviour of SPO1 DNA with respect to restriction and modification enzymes recognizing the sequence 5'-G-G-C-C


SPO1 DNA contains only 5 cleavage sites for restriction enzymes which recognize and cleave the sequence 5'-G-G-C-C (HaeIII or BsuR). Fragments of SPO1 DNA cloned in E. coli to substitute 5'-hydroxymethyluracil (HMU) by thymine (T) remain resistant to HaeIII indicating that this unexpectedly small number of cleavages by HaeIII is not correlated with the presence of HMU in the normal phage DNA. It was previously shown that SPO1 is neither subject to B. subtilis R restriction (Trautner et al., 1974) nor modification in vivo (Günthert et al., 1975). We now show that SPO1 DNA can however be restricted and modified in vitro

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