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Benefits of current percolation in superconducting coated conductors

By Noel Antony Rutter, John Hay Durrell, Mark Giffard Blamire, JL Macmanus Driscoll, H Wang and SR Foltyn


The critical currents of MOD/RABiTS and PLD/IBAD coated conductors have been measured as a function of magnetic field orientation and compared to films grown on single crystal substrates. By varying the orientation of magnetic field applied in the plane of the film, we are able to determine the extent to which current flow in each type of conductor is percolative. Standard MOD/RABiTS conductors have also been compared to samples whose grain boundaries have been doped by diffusing Ca from an overlayer. We find that undoped MOD/RABiTS tapes have a less anisotropic in-plane field dependence than PLD/IBAD tapes and that the uniformity of critical current as a function of in-plane field angle is greater for MOD/RABiTS samples doped with Ca.EPSRC US Department of Energ

Publisher: Applied Physics Letters
Year: 2005
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Provided by: Apollo

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  4. The uppercase symbol J is used to represent a macroscopic current density whilst the lowercase j represents the local microscopic current density within a grain or crossing a grain boundary.

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