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A study of the spatial characteristics of the Jews in London 1695 & 1895

By Laura Vaughan


This paper suggests that the settlement pattern of Jews in London is in a distinct cluster, but contradicts the accepted belief about the nature of the 'ghetto'; finding that the traditional conception of the 'ghetto', as an enclosed, inward-looking immigrant quarter is incorrect in this case. It is shown that despite the fact that the Jews sometimes constituted up to 100% of the population of a street, that in general, the greater the concentration of Jews in a street, the better connected (more 'integrated') the street was into the main spacial structure of the city. It is also suggested here that the Jewish East End worked both as an internally strong structure of space, with local institutions relating to and reinforcing the local pattern of space; and also externally, with strong links tying the Jewish East End with its host society. It is proposed that this duality of internal/external links not only strengthens Jewish society but possibly contradicts accepted beliefs on the structure of immigrant societies

Publisher: UCL (University College London)
Year: 1994
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Provided by: UCL Discovery

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