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Ambi-site substitution of Mn in Lanthanum Germanate Apatites

By E Kendrick, K.S. Knight and P.R. Slater


A neutron diffraction study at 4K of the Mn doped lanthanum germanate apatite-type oxide ion conductor of nominal starting composition “La9.5Mn0.5(GeO4)6O2.75” is reported. The structure was refined in space group P63/m, although high thermal displacement parameters were observed for the oxide ion sites (particularly O3, and O4). Reduced thermal displacement parameters were obtained by splitting the O3 site, and allowing the O4 oxygen to move off site, which may indicate local regions of lower symmetry within the structure. In addition, the data suggested ambi-site substitution of Mn, with it being present on both the Ge site and the La site. Assuming no change in La:Mn:Ge ratio, a composition of La9.18Mn0.28(GeO4)5.8(MnO4)0.2O2 was determined. As such there are nominally no interstitial oxide ions, but rather cation vacancies on the La site. Therefore, the high conductivity for this sample is most likely related to the introduction of Frenkel-type defects at higher temperature, as previously proposed for other apatite-type systems containing vacancies on the La sit

Topics: QD Chemistry
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2009
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