An X-ray and neutron diffraction study of cation substituted TlSr2CuO5


The structures of TlSr(2−x)LaxCuO(5+δ), with x=0.5, 0.75 and 1, and Tl.5Pb0.5Sr2CuO(5+δ) have been examined with X-ray and neutron powder Rietveld refinement. They are isostructural (P4/mmm) with the corresponding thallium-barium cuprate having one Cu-O layer with Cu3+ ions in octahedral coordination with oxygen (structure type 1201). The influence of cation substitution and disorder on the structure and superconducting properties of these phases have been investigated. La3+ substitution for Sr2+ stabilises the structure and reduces Cu3+, permitting superconductivity, while Pb2+ substitution for Tl3+ only stabilises the structure, without reducing Cu3+

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