<p><b>(A)</b> SLA-1*14:02 restricted, nucleoprotein peptide specific CD8 clones grown from Babraham pig 650 were used to define the peptide binding motif for SLA-1*14:02. Clone KT4.650 (left axis) recognizes index peptide DFEREGYSL and clone KLT.650 (right axis) index peptide EFEDLTFLA. Each of the proteogenic amino acids residues was tested at positions 2 (upper graph) and 9 (lower graph) by substitution of the index peptides. For example: D<b>F</b>EREGYSL index peptide and anchor 2 variants: D<b>A</b>/<b>C</b>/<b>D</b>/<b>E</b>/<b>G</b>/<b>H</b>/<b>I</b>/<b>K</b>/<b>L</b>/<b>M</b>/<b>N</b>/<b>P</b>/<b>Q</b>/<b>R</b>/<b>S</b>/<b>T</b>/<b>V</b>/<b>W</b>/<b>Y</b>/EREGYSL (each residue in bold tested in turn). The corresponding clone was used in peptide titration assays and ELISAs were performed to determine MIP-1β release, with data displayed for 10<sup>−7</sup> M peptide. The limit of maximal detection of MIP-1β release was ~10 ng/mL, data below 0.5 ng/mL has been omitted for clarity, and mean + SEM shown. (<b>B</b>) As for (A), but using the SLA-1*11:04 restricted, nucleoprotein peptide specific clones KT22.625 (left axis, index peptide NGKWMRELI) and Bab.625 (right axis, index peptide IAYERMCNI) grown from Babraham pig 625 to define the peptide binding motif for SLA-2*11:04. Data displayed for 10<sup>−8</sup> M peptide. (<b>C</b>) Binding pocket composition and proposed binding motif for SLA-1*14:02 and SLA-2*11:04 determined from the data in panels A and B. SLA-1*14:02 (green) with EFEDLTFLA (orange sticks) and SLA-2*11:04 (yellow) with IAYERMCNI (cyan sticks). Double conformers have been removed for visual clarity. B pocket is shown in red and the F pocket in pink.</p

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