<p>(A and B) Lethally irradiated IFN-β<sup>wt/Δβ-luc</sup> (Δβ-luc) or C57BL/6 (B6) recipients were reconstituted with 1 x 10<sup>7</sup> BM cells from C57BL/6 (B6>Δβ-luc, red) or IFN-β<sup>wt/Δβ-luc</sup> mice (Δβ-luc>B6, blue), respectively. IFN-β<sup>wt/Δβ-luc</sup> recipients reconstituted with IFN-β<sup>wt/Δβ-luc</sup> BM were used as controls (Δβ-luc> Δβ-luc, black). Eight weeks after transplantation, mice were infected i.p. with 2 × 10<sup>4</sup> PFU CVB3 and imaged at 0, 2, or 4 dpi (n = 3–9). (A) One representative mouse of each group is shown. (B) Quantification of <i>in vivo</i> imaging by analysis of cervical and upper abdominal regions of interest (ROI). Values are mean + SD. (C-F) Conditional IFN-β reporter mice with an activated reporter in myeloid cells (LysM-Cre<sup>+/-</sup>IFN-β<sup>wt/floxβ-luc</sup>) or in hepatocytes (Alb-Cre<sup>+/-</sup>IFN-β<sup>wt/floxβ-luc</sup>) were infected as in (A) and imaged at the indicated dpi. IFN-β<sup>wt/Δβ-luc</sup> control mice with C57BL/6 albino or C57BL/6 background were used as controls, respectively. (C, E) One representative mouse of each genotype is shown. (D, F) Quantification of <i>in vivo</i> imaging (n = 3–9). Values are mean + SD. One-Way ANOVA test was used for statistical analysis, <i>*P < 0</i>.<i>05; **P < 0</i>.<i>01; ***P < 0</i>.<i>001</i>.</p

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