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Evaluation of a Sexual Risk Calculator

By Lee Emrich


Rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are at pandemic proportions in the United States specifically in the young adult population ages 15-24. By engaging in risky sexual behaviors, young adults increase their risk of contracting an STI. However many young adults do not perceive that their actions are sexually risky and that they may be at an increased risk of contracting an STI. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a sexual risk calculator designed to increase awareness of sexual risk behaviors. The descriptive study was comprised of 18 participants drawn from a large Midwestern University. Participants viewed an intervention called the Sexual Awareness Kit. The Sexual Awareness Kit was a tool designed for the military, which includes an informational booklet on various STI’s as well as a self-help tool which diagnoses a person’s sexual risk factors. This study focuses on evaluation of the sexual risk calculator. Aims of the study were to determine the participants perception of their sexual risk level and compare it to their actual risk level as well as determining the ease of use of the sexual risk calculator. After a presentation of the Sexual Awareness Kit by the investigators, demographic data, including past sexual risk behaviors and descriptive data in which the participants commented on the sexual risk calculator and their perceptions of their sexual risk was obtained through a close-ended survey. Data collection is in final stage; demographic and descriptive data will be analyzed through descriptive statistics and cross-sectional statistics. It is expected that the study will increase knowledge of young adult’s perceptions of their sexual risk compared with their actual risk levels for future educators and researchers and also determine the efficacy of the sexual risk calculator tool in this population.No embarg

Topics: Sexual Health Intervention, Sexual Risk Calculator
Publisher: 'The Ohio State University Libraries'
Year: 2009
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