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Activation of MPK3/MPK6 globally down-regulates photosynthetic genes.

By Jianbin Su (326328), Liuyi Yang (5172341), Qiankun Zhu (755358), Hongjiao Wu (5172344), Yi He (408132), Yidong Liu (155545), Juan Xu (225010), Dean Jiang (2608030) and Shuqun Zhang (155547)


<p>(<b>A</b>) GO enrichment of 2,977 down-regulated genes (log<sub>2</sub> ratio ≤ −3) after MPK3/MPK6 activation. RNA-seq analysis was performed using 12-d-old <i>DD</i> seedlings treated with 5 μM DEX for 0 and 6 h under light. Transcript levels were fold changes relative to the 0 h sample. GO analysis was carried out by using DAVID online tool [<a href="" target="_blank">57</a>,<a href="" target="_blank">58</a>]. Enrichment scores are shown as −log<sub>10</sub> (<i>p</i>-value). (<b>B</b>) Schematic diagram of photosynthetic linear electron flow. Expression levels of genes involved in photosystem assembly and repair are shown as a heat map. (<b>C</b>) GO enrichment of 1,039 up-regulated genes (log<sub>2</sub> ratio ≤ −3) after MPK3/MPK6 activation. Enrichment scores are shown as −log<sub>10</sub> (<i>p</i>-value). (<b>D</b>) Activation of MPK3/MPK6 induces drastic down-regulation of photosynthesis-related genes. Twelve-d-old <i>DD</i> plants grown in liquid medium were treated with EtOH or 5 μM DEX for 8 h under light. Transcript levels were quantified by real-time PCR and presented as fold changes relative to 0 h samples. Values are means ± SD, <i>n</i> = 3. <i>EF1a</i> was used as internal control, <i>n</i> = 3. The numerical values used to construct panels A–D can be found in <a href="" target="_blank">S1 Data</a>. See also <a href="" target="_blank">S1 Table</a>. Cytb6f, cytochrome b6f; DAVID, Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery; <i>DD</i>, <i>GVG-NtMEK2</i><sup><i>DD</i></sup>; DEX, dexamethasone; <i>EF1a</i>, elongation factor <i>1a</i>; EtOH, ethanol; Fd, ferredoxin; FNR, ferredoxin-NADP<sup>+</sup> reductase; GO, gene ontology; LHCI, light-harvesting complex I; LHCII, light-harvesting complex II; MPK, mitogen-activated protein kinase; OEC, oxygen-evolving complex; PSI, photosystem I; PSII, photosystem II; RNA-seq, RNA sequencing.</p

Topics: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Cancer, Science Policy, Infectious Diseases, Plant Biology, Virology, Biological Sciences not elsewhere classified, Arabidopsis pathogen-responsive mitogen-activated protein kinases, Active photosynthetic inhibition, MPK, reactive oxygen species, chloroplastic ROS accumulation, plants sense pathogen effectors, effector-triggered immunity, plant photosynthetic activities, coil-nucleotide binding site-leucine, mpk 3 mpk 6, ETI-induced photosynthetic inhibition, delays photosynthetic inhibition, HR cell death, plastid-targeted cyanobacterial flavodoxin, TNL, CNL
Year: 2018
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pbio.2004122.g001
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