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Observation of both second harmonic and multiphoton absorption induced luminescence in ZnO.

By D.C. Dai, S.J. Xu, S.L. Shi, M.H. Xie and C.M. Che


The confusion over second-harmonic generation (SHG) and multiphoton-absorption (MPA)-induced luminescence in ZnO is observed under excitation with femtosecond laser between 800 and 1000 nm at room temperature. Excitation power dependence measurements show SHG is a two-photon process, and MPA is a three- or four-photon process. These are confirmed with interferometric pulse autocorrelation experiments. Excitation power density is a main regulatory factor for this confusion.\ud \u

Topics: Interferometric autocorrelation, Luminescence, Multiphoton absorption (MPA), Second-harmonic generation (SHG), Zinc oxide (ZnO).
Publisher: IEEE
Year: 2006
DOI identifier: 10.1109/LPT.2006.877620
OAI identifier:

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