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Impact of pair-rule gene orthologue knockdown on pair-rule expression.

By Megan J. Wilson (132095) and Peter K. Dearden (132097)


<p>All embryos are oriented with anterior left and dorsal side up. Scale bars are 200 µm. Expression of <i>Am-eve</i> (A), <i>Am-run</i> (B) and <i>Am-h</i> (C) <i>Am-run</i> at stage 5–6 appears as six or seven broad stripes across the anterior-posterior axis of the embryo. These stripes subsequently split as development proceeds. <i>Am-ev</i>e<sup>RNAi</sup> stage 5 embryo stained for <i>Am-run</i> (D) showing loss of all but an abdominal stripe, broader than in controls. <i>Am-h</i> (E) stained <i>Am-ev</i>e<sup>RNAi</sup> stage 5 embryo showing loss of all segmental stripes and a posterior terminal cap of RNA expression. (F) <i>Am-eve</i> expression in an <i>Am-run<sup>RNAi</sup></i> embryo showing expression only inn the post posterior abdominal stripes. (G). <i>Am-h</i> stripes are disorganized in <i>Am-run<sup>RNAi</sup></i> embryos, forming a broad anterior domain, followed by two sets of a narrow stripe, then a broad one along the length of the embryo. Dark spots (asterisks) are damage to the other side of the embryo (H) <i>Am-h<sup>RNAi</sup></i> embryo stained for <i>Am-eve</i> RNA showing loss and disruption of central stripes, but an anterior stripe and posterior stripes of cells expression of <i>Am-eve</i> still remain. (I) <i>Am-h<sup>RNAi</sup></i> knockdown embryo stained for <i>Am-run</i> RNA showing over-expression of <i>Am-run</i> RNA throughout the embryo except in the anterior terminus. Fluctuations in the intensity of staining indicate some segmental modulation of RNA expression. (J). <i>Am-ftz</i><sup>RNAi</sup> embryo stained for <i>Am-eve</i> RNA showing disruption of anterior stripes of <i>Am-eve</i> leading to fusion of the first 4 stripes of <i>Am-eve</i> expression and three posterior stripes of cells expressing <i>Am-eve</i>. (K) <i>Am-run</i> stained <i>Am-ftz</i><sup>RNAi</sup> embryo showing loss of anterior stripes of expression, and disorganized posterior ones. (L) <i>Am-h</i> stained <i>Am-ftz</i><sup>RNAi</sup> embryo with disorganized stripes and increased background staining.</p

Topics: Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Developmental Biology, pair-rule, orthologue, knockdown
Year: 2012
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046490.g006
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