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Morphology and distribution of GFP-positive perivascular mural cells of precapillary arterioles (Type 3 vessels).

By Audrey B. Condren (105719), Anil Kumar (105720), Pradeep Mettu (105721), Katharine J. Liang (105722), Lian Zhao (96144), Jen-yue Tsai (105724), Robert N. Fariss (105726) and Wai T. Wong (105730)


<p>Ramified and stellate-shaped GFP-positive mural cells with thin, branching processes (<b>A</b>) are distributed among DiI-perfused precapillary arterioles (<b>B</b>). Superposition of a z-stack of confocal images for GFP- and DiI-derived signals (<b>C</b>) demonstrates the perivascular position of GFP-positive mural cells. Mural cells are spaced widely along the vessel walls with their processes sparsely distributed on the vessel surface, and are loosely oriented in longitudinal and circumferential directions along the vessels. A single frame confocal image through an arteriole (<b>D</b>) demonstrates that only a small fraction of the surface area of vessel is covered by the thin branching mural cell processes (<i>arrowheads</i>). Scale bar = 20 µm.</p

Topics: Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Physiology, Biotechnology, Evolutionary Biology, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Cancer, Inorganic Chemistry, Virology, terminal arterioles, Mural cells, disease pathogenesis, mural cell morphology, scleral surface, perivascular mural cells, calcium ionophore, albino mouse, Vasoregulatory Function Objective Perivascular mural cells, live-cell imaging, Mouse Choroid Demonstrate Morphological Diversity, vasoconstrictory contractile movements, densely-packed circumferentially-oriented cells, Results Choroidal perivascular mural cells, choroidal mural cells, SMA-GFP, Perivascular Mural Cells, promoter drives, contractile behavior, adult mouse choroid, muscle cells, vasoregulatory contractile responses, widely-spaced stellate-shaped cells, calcium chelator, α- SMA-expressing, confocal microscopy, mural cells, BAPTA, Conclusions Diversity, Methods Sclerochoroidal flat-mounted explants, GFP
Year: 2013
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0053386.g004
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