Dose-dependent effect of (a) CA, (b) BCA, (c) FHCA and (d) FBCA on cell cycle regulatory proteins.


<p>HCT 116 cells were treated with indicated concentrations of cinnamaldehydes for 12 h or 24 h. Cell lysates were analyzed by Western blotting for proteins controlling G<sub>2</sub> to mitosis transition (cdk1, phospho-cdk1, cdc25C, phospho-cdc25C, cyclin B1, phospho-cyclin B1), proteins regulating spindle assembly (mad2, cdc20, survivin) and apoptotic markers (full length and cleaved) caspase 3, and (full length and cleaved) PARP. Blots were also probed for β-actin to ensure equal protein loading.</p

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