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The GSK3β inhibition by SB216763 ameliorates liver injury induced by D-GalN/LPS in C57BL/6 mice.

By Liyan Chen (304731), Feng Ren (304733), Haiyan Zhang (176919), Tao Wen (304736), Zhengfu Piao (304738), Li Zhou (54356), Sujun Zheng (304740), Jing Zhang (23775), Yu Chen (29959), Yuanping Han (205644), Zhongping Duan (304742) and Yingji Ma (304743)


<p>(a) Liver samples, harvested 6 h later, were subjected to Western blot analysis of phosphorylated glycogen synthases. Wild-type mice were pretreated with vehicle (DMSO, n = 3) or SB216763 (10, 25, 50 mg/kg, respectively, n = 3). Representative of one experiment is shown. Densitometry analysis of the proteins was performed for each sample (mean±SEM). (b)GSK3β inhibition enhances the survival rate of mice after D-GalN/LPS injection. SB216763 (10, 25, or 50 mg/kg body weight) or vehicle (DMSO) was intraperitoneally administered at 2 h before D-GalN/LPS injection (DMSO+D-GalN/LPS, SB216763 10 mg/kg+D-GalN/LPS, SB216763 25 mg/kg+D-GalN/LPS, SB216763 50 mg/kg+D-GalN/LPS); and the fifth group is administered SB216763 at 2 hour after D-GalN/LPS(D-GalN/LPS+SB216763 50 mg/kg). (n = 10/group). (c) Wild-type mice (n = 8–12) pretreated SB216763 before D-GalN/LPS injection were analyzed for serum ALT and AST level at 6 h after D-GalN/LPS. (d)Wild-type mice (n = 8–12) treated SB216763 after D-GalN/LPS injection were analyzed for serum ALT and AST level at 6 h after D-GalN/LPS. (e) Representative liver histology (H/E staining at 6 h after D-GalN/LPS) and the group averages of liver Suzuki scores (6 h). Control: DMSO groups, DMSO+D-GalN/LPS: model group, SB+D-GalN/LPS: prophylactic group and D-GalN/LPS+SB: therapeutic group. (n = 5–6/group).</p

Topics: Cell Biology, Chemistry, Immunology, inhibition, sb216763, ameliorates, induced
Year: 2013
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045202.g002
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