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<i>Spon1b</i> expression in the hindbrain. A.

By Veronica Akle (317196), Emmanuel Guelin (317198), Lili Yu (149552), Helena Brassard-Giordano (317201), Barbara E. Slack (317203) and Irina V. Zhdanova (30648)


<p>Dorsal view of a freshly-dissected <i>Tg(spon1b:GFP)</i> juvenile zebrafish showing relative position of the paired habenular nuclei (Hb), emerging fasciculus retroflexus (FR), optic tectum (TeO), cerebellar corpus (Cce), granular eminence (EG), and medulla (Me). <b>B</b>. Coronal section of adult zebrafish brain at the level of the cerebellar corpus showing <i>spon1b:GFP</i> positive projections within the cerebellum, and to the superior raphe (SR). Tectobulbar tract (TTB). <b>C... </b><i>Spon1b:GFP</i> signal in cells of the secondary gustatory nucleus (SGN), in the gustatory commissure (Cgus), and in scattered cells and projections throughout the tegmentum (arrow), and nucleus isthmi (NI). (High magnification picture of area in B). <b>D... </b><i>Spon1b</i> mRNA expression (<i>in situ</i> hybridization) in Purkinje cell layer (Pur), ventral tip of rhomboencephalic ventricle (rv), SGN, nucleus isthmi (NI), superior reticular nucleus (arrowhead) and mammillary bodies (CM). Note the lack of signal in the Cgus and SR, confirming that the <i>spon1b:GFP</i> label in these regions comes from projections and not cell bodies. <b>E.</b> Coronal section at the level of the caudal cerebellum showing <i>spon1b</i>-positive cells and thick projections from cerebellar crest (CC), the descending octaval nuclei (DON) and the commissure that joins the nuclei, the internal arcuate fibers (IAF) coursing in between the axons of the medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF). <b>F... </b><i>Spon1b</i><b>-</b>positive FR fibers (arrows) terminating on both sides of the ventral region of SR (high magnification image of area boxed in B). <b>G.</b> Coronal section at the level of the caudal medulla showing <i>spon1b:GFP</i> expression in the vagal motor nucleus (NXm), but not in the vagal lobe (LX). Note the symmetrically labeled motor neurons (mn), and the strongly labeled axons of the MLF and motor neuron axons in the ventral funiculus (Fv). <b>H.</b> Coronal section of the spinal cord showing <i>spon1b:GFP</i> expression in the axons of MLF and the ventral funiculus (Fv). Scale bars: B, F-H: 100 µm; C-D: 50 µm; E: 200 µm.</p

Topics: Neuroscience, Physiology, Developmental Biology, physiology, neuroscience, developmental biology
Year: 2013
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037593.g009
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