The name of "Balkan" is in Turkish means rugged mountainous areas. Balkans is apart of Asia's continent extending like a peninsula to the west. This peninsula has no clear boundary with Europe when in East Asian continent it divided with thestraits: Bosporus and Dardanelles. So it can be said that it is located in the intersected area of Asia and Europe. Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria,Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro are all included in the entire of Balkans. Serbia and most part of Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Italy andTurkey's Thrace can be included in this location. In the roots of Balkans there are lots of currents such as: local lifestyle, science, fine arts and alphabet. For the centuries the physical features have kept the same when politics and country's boundaries changed in the last decade. Balkans is known as the part of Black Seaand it partially in culture connection with Eastern Europe and Western basin part but economically worse than them. In the history Balkans always remained in the scope of these civilizations' connection. As an integral part of the world Balkans should be developed and democratized. So with the scientific approaches it should find the answers to the problems and determine the purposes. The thesis "The clashof civilizations" written by Samuel Huntington was inspired from the Fernand Braudel's Grammaire des civilizations (Language of civilizations) approach.According to him countries physically could be close to each other. But it does not mean that they can be close politically. Different cultures mean differences. Dimitri Kitsikis formulated and spread this view to the wide public. But these views are functioned for the conflicts instead of creating happiness and peace. For those who want to create the brotherhood and peace should produce and spread ideas. This work of four tomes was prepared with the reason of that production of ideas. From the view of world's politics balance it is important to create brotherhood, economicand political development of Balkans. In terms of geopolitical theories this field hasan extremely important strategic location. The northern part of the Balkan's foundin Halford Mackinder's "Heart land" in the Pivot land while the southern part isdefined in edge zone of the Pivot. According to Mackinder the pivot fields should bethe main axis of world politics. He mentions that if someone wants to own the world should have this area. Nicholas Spykman emphasizes the importance of potential of edge zone. He named the edge zone as "Rim Land". He also mentioned that it is more than just Heartland; it is the agglomeration area. So it can be said that this region has an important position for the peace, world politics, economic and social relation. For the awareness of basin with these features scientific assessments andstudies are needed. The scientific estimation is needed for the better connection with other countries of Balkans and gives awareness to the public opinion about it. This paper work was purposed for the reason mentioned above. Also it has undertaken the important mission of creation collective wisdom of Balkans; develop peace and promotion of a dialogue culture and to bring Balkans in an important economic position

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