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The life and work of the Revd. T.H.E.C. Espin, perpetual curate of Tow Law, with special reference to his astronomical research

By Arthur Brown


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Year: 1974
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  1. (References follow on the next page) Espin,His Life and Work Re:ferences .
  2. (References follow on the next page) Espin,His Life and Work References .
  3. (References follow on the next page) Espin,His Life and Work References • .
  4. (References follow on tue next page) Espin,His Life and Work References · .- -----1
  5. (1933). (Rererences follow on the next page) Espin, His Life and Work References • .
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  7. 12 This information has been supplied by Mr. Birch (aupra).
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  17. A reply to Spencer's letter on the magnitudee of various stars.
  18. (1904). A week later - on 29th
  19. (1911). acknowledgments were paid to Espln. Dyson at Greenwich, Newel1 at c ambridge, Pickering at Harvard, and Max W olf at Heidelberg, ar e instances. Espin, in point or fact was in correspondence with Wolr on Nova Lacertae. For three consecutive weeks in
  20. (1898). AJ : 1899 : 10 :
  21. and };jsrtin had their own X-ray worker :i!n the person of
  22. (1920). and therefore eff ective, Will, WS8 executed by Eepln on 3rd
  23. Annie Sareb Espln, only dSllgbter, b orn 1852.
  24. (1930). Any despondency which Espin may have had must have been soon 1'e11 eyed for Captain J" easol? (a r elet! ve i n hi 6 maternal line) and ~
  25. ApPointed to a curacy at west Kirby, diocese or Chest .... Conse.crated February : magni tudee Publication or 1882. pri.s~ . by the Bishop or Ch.ster. photometer for determining stellar brough~ into use.
  26. ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY ---------------------W811sssy Rectory was the bome of the Eapin family from 1868 until
  27. (1964). AstropQyeicB Act Book or the Diocese or Durham Aatrophysical Journal Astronomische Nachrichten The Binar y Star a (Ai tken :
  28. (1904). at t he third meeting replies had Espin,His Life and Work came to hand from all five persons but there is no record 8B to what these were. However at the same meeting Rules were adopted and a list of officers wes approved.
  29. (1934). At the funeral of
  30. (1901). At the outset of these prol onged tasks Espin evidently harboured somB doubt 86 to his capacity to fulfil them Bat lgfac toril~ In
  31. At this 8ame meeting the Society elevated Eapin to the clase of Aesociste Membership snd thereby installed him amongst their revered one8. The 8~er of 1886 had been darkened, flgurat~vely, by discord in the SOCiety. M r. lsase Roberte
  32. (1923). being already a Fellow of many years standing proposed Ml1burn 8B a candidate for election to a Fellowship of the Royal Aatronomical Society in 1922 (6) and he waa.
  33. But enough has been written: here the chapter must cl08e.
  34. (1885). By the time he had assumed bis curacy at West Kirby and with it the establishment of an observatory in Church Road under the aegis of the Liverpool Astronomical Society, he took up the examination of red stars with vigour.
  35. (1972). Data relating to Baring Brothers, merchant bankers, hsve been supplied by
  36. During MicbBelmaa term of 1903 the
  37. During the curacy of t he Revd.
  38. Eaplnl s own reaction was quite different. He was susceptible. The addition of ~ further label apparently plea sed him and on t he
  39. EBpln made a detailed examination of the colour Bnd magnitude of Nova Andranedae which he published in April (24) but it does Beem that the variables held his main Interes·t. At the first meating
  40. (1914). Elected a Member of the American Astronomical Society. Espin, His Life and Work Year:
  41. (1933). Everyone is Bet out in 8 following abstract. By far the most outatanding single discovery due to Milburn oCQurred on 14th
  42. f'or6knowledge in regular demand by the f'arming Espin,His Life
  43. For an explanation or these ecclesiastical forms Bee the note in the dOBaier. 1190! . I B BB . p • lxn:i v
  44. From l SQ7 onwards t here was a strong contingent of the Church Lada Brigade
  45. He wss nineteen years old. sn F.R.~S. t and just accepted aB an entrant to England's senior Universlty. He stood on the _. very threshold of manhood : how he applied his talents and STalled hUaself of the opportunities thus presented can now be narrated.
  46. (1907). I :
  47. (1907). I I bave l ately compl eted the extension of my MS catalogue of known double stars through 5 degrees viz. from It contains 874 known double stars'. In
  48. (1906). II :
  49. (1972). In April &spln described to the members an interesting occu1ting eyepiece which he had recently tested, end even at this remote date
  50. (1901). In t he six consecutive Censuses held during the Vicariate of Espin the data Bet out in the table on the next page wer e r ec
  51. (1907). Indeed in many of the intervening years Espin had at least one letter on double stars in the Engli eh kechanic. During
  52. (1934). It was early in the morning of Sunday 2nd
  53. (1900). journal Astronomy and ~stropby6ice (8) with a commentary by , S. W.8.' which obviOUSly meant
  54. (1903). LXIII p. 229. Espin,His Life and Work References .
  55. made ~s own contributions to the EngllshMechanic 1n lSQ4 and 1695, although he was never a frequent correspondent.
  56. (1933). Measurements contained in t he 1920 liat were made by Esp1n and !Il.ilburn. So too were t hose ror the years 1923 to 1933 both inclusive. Such are shown by the letters
  57. (1930). MNRAS :
  58. (1921). Ne" double stare.
  59. of Espinls lecture on the comet Publication of Esp1n's catalogue or the magn1tudee or 500 stars. Espin, His Life and Work Year:
  60. (1972). of Tbe Poplars. Coley Hill, Nortb Walbottle, Newcastle-on-Tyne. and it passed 1"rcm him to Mr. A .. C. Beslop 01" 63 Brockenburst Drive, Hastings BlIl,
  61. Of the remote friends there are nimbered Plckering at , Harvard fram 1883, Duner of Uppssla, Perrot1n of Nice, and D~son of Greenwicb, and the list could be lengthened. The lI'olsingbam Observatory reports for 1892 end 1893 givs them st s glancs.
  62. On the lOth November 1884 with Espin in the Chair a meeting of the Society "as held at which Mr. W . Ho Davies the secretary uttered forebodings on the future. They "er e in 'same financial difficulty- at the root of which were the mounting -
  63. p. 8 : Dolphin's letter on 'An Astronaner in his Vic~r8ge'
  64. (1964). Perhaps it s hould be s t ated that Thornley E.P. was re-united with WOlsingham E.P.
  65. Proctor evidently fell from favour quite aoon.
  66. Rapin, third Ban born c.
  67. (1972). Re was Ili'oeased. officially to the perpetu'll curacy of t.he churoh and pariah
  68. (1970). Recent events justify an epilogue. In
  69. (1972). remembering that each Draper class bas ten subdivisions e.
  70. (1940). Report for 1938. (M) Year
  71. (1919). Report went on to Bay t hat Espln proposed to increase the annual payment to L.350 and to donate bis house at Tow Law B8 well 1n order that aetron~ students of Oxford might occupy it and use the telescope on the site.
  72. (1964). similarly at the disposal of
  73. Six months l ater - in Mar ch 1882 Rspin' e further work wa s described in the second articl e. He began w1 th a di scuSSion of t he exceptions (i. e. the bright and short peri od variables) and advanced three conclUSions .
  74. so much t he better t o colour t he picture It will serve . of t hose early year s if a summary is now made of his in1tial
  75. Society. In Mar ch 1886 in the Monthly Notices 01' the Royal Astronomical Society he carried the number torward from 33 to 141. Now in November 1866 his spectroscope came into use and the next list publiehed In 1887 i n the Liverpool Aetronomical Society'
  76. (1927). stara Micrometrical measures of double 21at series.
  77. (1900). Stars with Remarkable Spectra' doi
  78. (1902). Tbe edition of tbe Almanac for 1882 provided tbe exact magnitudes of 197 atare : that for 1892 contained magn1tudee of 229 stars. By
  79. The Angl ican church
  80. (1911). The celestial outburst manifested in Nova Lacertae bridged that gap wondarfully. Dr. Handley G&rr Glyn }ilOule, who held the episcopal See of Durham from 1901 to 1920 end who at heart must have had a sincere regard for
  81. The date of Espin' s resignation from the Vice-Presidency has been confirmed by Mr. Birch, already mentioned.
  82. (1928). The demise of the ironworks ofrt he Weardale company at Tow Law which occurred about 1892 did not carry with it their mining interests. Black Prince Colliery, near Dan1s Castle continued until 1914 and Weat Thornley Coll iery until
  83. The earliest English references occur in the XVIII century. Thus Katherine Espin married Wl11iam Whip of Ne.ark at the church of S. Peter-at-Arches, Lincoln,
  84. (1934). the entire course of the astronomical work at Tow Law altered. During the summer and autumn of 1934 Rspin had caused two observatories to be constructed on the land within the curt1lage of No.
  85. The first definite association of Eepin and Gage Espin,His Life and Work occurred in 1882 when, 1n concert with
  86. (1883). The first definite entry into the Minute Book is dsted 9th Septembsr 1882 when s field day was held at West Kirby at the invitation of the
  87. The first magnitude scale used by Espin was that of
  88. The l etters 1n the English }.IlBcnanic j ust referred to besr all the marks of enthu8ia~
  89. The last article by Espin dealt with Type III and Type IV atara and appeared in the Astrophysical Journal (U.S.A.)
  90. (1904). The Minute Books of the SOCiety enable an appreciation to be gained of the astronomers of the area and their mutual collaboration. Within a fortnight of its formation Espin presented the Society with a star atlas and some books, sod on 11th
  91. The name appears in the neighbouring County of Nottingham where
  92. (1920). The new variable star in Lyrae (M) EM 5-9-1919: ex : 79 .. Year
  93. The odd instance was a paper which he submitted to the Astronomical and Phyeical Society of Toronto, and read before that body on 24th J anuary 1893. A summary WBS printed l ater in the U.
  94. (1911). The point just made, is stressed by o-i ting the CBse of the Revd. Thomas Bertram Weather ell, e native of Tow Law, who WBS Espin,His Life and Work ordained deacon in 1909 and held curacisB at
  95. The present Librarian of the Royal Irish Academy has furnished this information.
  96. (1972). The Society had, 1n fact, established itself, and it has continued without a break up to the present time
  97. (1905). The sta'tuB of t he Newcastle Astronomical Society wae sustained by quite a number of eminent
  98. The star a. Hydrae (M} lilt 15~-1919 ex 42 ..
  99. (1910). The stimulus induced by Espin's observation on the evening of 30th
  100. (1902). The third and all subsequent communica tions by Espin on both subj ecte were made to the Monthly Notices of' the Royal Aatronomical Society.
  101. The third eon the Revd. John Rspin, after graduating M.£. at Merton Collega, Oxford in 1862, migrated to So~th Arrioa wbere he beoame Chancellor ot 5 .. George l s Cathedral .at Grabamsto'Wll.
  102. (1920). Thereafter from 1912 to 1920 t here were occasional - even rare Espin, His Life and Work items: the last being tn the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in
  103. (1904). These lectures were given 1n the roams of t he Literary and Philosophical Society at Newcastle- on-Tyne in which city a division of Durbam University was then established. They must have met with succeSB for at a meeting of students held
  104. (1918). They are given separately, in detail, but here it suffices to say Espin,His Life and Work that altogether 1,051 stars were found by him and all are recorded in twenty two separate lists contributed to the Monthly Notices between
  105. (1918). this section the description T red' 8S applied to a stellar object vdll be taken to include 'reddish' and I orange' tints. Red stare ware one of the earliest interests of Espln.
  106. (1972). This sum would be e~uivalent to L.5,453 in terms of
  107. Thus perpetuated he Joins the Espin, His Life and Work A CIIRONOLOGY OF THE LIFE OF THE REVD. T.ILE.C. E:SPIN ----------------------------------------------------Note: Each year of Eapln's age commenced on 28th May.
  108. (1922). W ebb' e Ce1eetia1 Objects'
  109. (1910). With the passing of t he years Nova Lacertee
  110. Wolsingham, a local historian, supplied this information. 'IIOR o 'IIOR
  111. wreck of the observatory at Tow Law bp. a gale. -" 216 Espin,His Life and Work ========= Year:
  112. (1878). wss prop1 tious for Espin.

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