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A new type of nanoscale coordination particles: toward modification-free detection of hydrogen sulfide gas

By Zong CH, Liu XJ, Sun HM, Zhang G and Lu LH


A new type of nanoscale coordination particles (NCPs) are successfully synthesized on a large scale through a coordination-induced self-assembling process. The as-prepared NCPs exhibit fascinating fluorescence properties including large stokes shifts, strong photoluminescence (PL) intensity, high photochemical stability, as well as tunable emission spectra. Excitingly, this new type of NCPs enable rapid, sensitive and modification-free detection of H2S as its fluorescence can be selectively quenched in the presence of H2S. With this NCPs-based detection system, the lowest concentration to quantify H2S can be down to 2 ppm, which is five times lower than the permissible exposure limit value set by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Importantly, NCPs can serve as 'inks' for writeable detection of H2S. The ability to directly write the H2S-sensitive NCPs under ambient conditions is really convenient and offers promising perspectives for real-time monitoring H2S

Topics: METAL-ORGANIC FRAMEWORKS, ROOM-TEMPERATURE, POLYMERS, NANOPARTICLES, CHROMATOGRAPHY, SENSORS, MICROEMULSIONS, TRANSFORMATION, LUMINESCENCE, CATALYSIS, room temperature, Glass fibers, Nanoparticles, Chromatographic analysis, Remote sensing, Detectors, Emulsions, Transformation, Luminescence, Catalysis, Catalysts, catalytic activity, Fiber glass, Fiberglass, Fibers, Glass, Glass, Spun, Spun glass, Polymers, fibres, bristles, fibers, glass fibres, nanofibres, natural fibres, polymer fibres, polymer filaments, homopolymers, nylon, fibreglass, FIBRE DE VERRE, GLASFASERN, POLYMERE, POLYMERES, Resins, Fibre glass, Plastics, nanopowders, nano-scale particles, nano-sized particles, nanoscale particles, 色谱法, Analysis, Chromatographic, Chromatography, gas chromatography, CHROMATOGRAPHIE (DEUTSCH), CHROMATOGRAPHIE (FRANCAIS), paper chromatography, Chromatographic techniques, Remote-sensing imagery, Remote sensing systems, Remote terrain sensing, Sensing, Remote, Terrain sensing, Remote, Remote satellite sensing, planetary remote sensing, remote-sensing data, telemetry, Aerial surveillance, Sensors, remote sensing data, remote-sensing methods, Remote sensing techniques, RS, Remote sensing (RS), Rayleigh Schr-dinger, Roos-Siegbahn, sensor placement, sensor deployment, sensor localisation, sensor positioning, sensing devices, pickoffs, pickups, Probes (instruments), Probes (sensors), microemulsions, Emulsoids, 发光, EMISSION SPECTRA, candoluminescence, ionoluminescence, Stokes law (optical), triboluminescence, mechanoluminescence, INFRARED LUMINESCENCE, glow, noctilucence, phosphorescence, 摩擦发光, 催化, catalytic converters, catalytic convertors, photocatalysis, Catalytic agents, CATALYSATEURS, KATALYSATOREN, Raney nickel, 催化活性, catalytic activities
Year: 2012
DOI identifier: 10.1039/c2jm32802j
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