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Extraction separation of rare-earth ions via competitive ligand complexations between aqueous and ionic-liquid phases

By Sun XQ, Bell JR, Luo HM and Dai S


The extraction separation of rare earth elements is one of the most challenging separation processes in hydrometallurgy and advanced nuclear fuel cycles. The TALSPEAK process (trivalent actinide lanthanide separations by phosphorus-reagent extraction from aqueous komplexes) is a prime example of these separation processes. The objective of this paper is to explore the use of ionic liquids (ILs) for the TALSPEAK-like process, to further enhance its extraction efficiencies for lanthanides, and to investigate the potential of using this modified TALSPEAK process for separation of lanthanides among themselves. Eight imidazolium ILs ([C(n)mim][NTf(2)] and [C(n)mim][BETI], n = 4,6,8,10) and one pyrrolidinium IL ([C(4)mPy][NTf(2)]) were investigated as diluents using di(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (HDEHP) as an extractant for the separation of lanthanide ions from aqueous solutions of 50 mM glycolic acid or citric acid and 5 mM diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA). The extraction efficiencies were studied in comparison with diisopropylbenzene (DIPB), an organic solvent used as a diluent for the conventional TALSPEAK extraction system. Excellent extraction efficiencies and selectivities were found for a number of lanthanide ions using HDEHP as an extractant in these ILs. The effects of different alkyl chain lengths in the cations of ILs and of different anions on extraction efficiencies and selectivities of lanthanide ions are also presented in this paper

Topics: SOLVENT-EXTRACTION, CROWN-ETHERS, METAL-IONS, TALSPEAK PROCESS, LANTHANIDES, ACTINIDES, COORDINATION, CATALYSIS, GREENNESS, MECHANISM, Solvent extraction, Crown ethers, Metal ions, Rare earth metals, Rare earths, Actinide elements, co-ordination, Catalysis, Catalysts, catalytic activity, mechanism, 溶剂萃取, EXTRACTION PAR SOLVANTS, SELEKTIVE LAUGUNG, Macrocyclic polyethers, Lanthanide series, Lanthanides, Lanthanoid series, Lanthanons, Rare earth elements, lanthanide series metals, Lanthanide metals, Earths, Rare, Rare earth minerals, Rare earth oxides, SELTENE ERDEN, TERRES RARES, inner transition elements, lanthanoans, Actinide series, Actinides, Actinoid elements, Actinoids, actinide metals, act, ACTINIDES (FRANCAIS), AKTINIDE, Absolute Rate Theory, activated complex theory, 配位作用, coordination, 催化, catalytic converters, catalytic convertors, photocatalysis, Catalytic agents, CATALYSATEURS, KATALYSATOREN, Raney nickel, 催化活性, catalytic activities, 机理, mechanisms
Year: 2011
DOI identifier: 10.1039/c1dt10873e
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