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Reducing Sugar: New Functional Molecules for the Green Synthesis of Graphene Nanosheets

By Zhu CZ, Guo SJ, Fang YX and Dong SJ


In this paper, we developed a green and facile approach to the synthesis of chemically converted graphene nanosheets (GNS) based on reducing sugars, such as glucose, fructose and sucrose using exfoliated graphite oxide (GO) as precursor. The obtained GM is characterized with atomic force microscopy, UV-visible absorption spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and so on. The merit of this method is that both the reducing agents themselves and the oxidized Products are environmentally friendly. It should be noted that, besides the mild reduction capability to GO, the oxidized products of reducing sugars could also play an important role as a capping reagent in stabilizing as-prepared GNS simultaneously, which exhibited good stability in water. This approach can open up the new possibility for preparing GNS in large-scale production alternatively. Moreover, it is found that GNS-based materials could be of great value for applications in various fields, such as good electrocatalytic activity toward catecholamines (dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine)

Topics: EXFOLIATED GRAPHITE OXIDE, AQUEOUS DISPERSIONS, RAMAN-SPECTRA, SHEETS, REDUCTION, CARBON, NANOPLATELETS, OXIDATION, ELECTRODE, ROUTE, Raman effect, Raman spectroscopy, Sheets, Reduction, Carbon, Bore, Oxidation, electrode, route, 拉曼散射, Combination scattering spectra, Hyper Raman effect, Raman scattering, Raman spectra, 拉曼光谱[学], CARS spectroscopy, Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy, Spectroscopy, Raman, TR3 spectroscopy, TRRR spectroscopy, Spectroscopy (Raman), 薄板, sheet, board, BLECH, TOLE, 还原, REDUCTION (FRANCAIS), REDUKTION, decrementing, diminution, shortening, 归约, Decreasing, Reducing, C, carbon nanotubes, diamond-like carbon, DLC, discotic liquid crystals, discophases, nanotube devices, C (envelope sizes), C (US paper size), Cytosine, carbon nano-sized tubes, carbon nano tubes, carbon nanoscale tubes, carbon nanotubules, 无机发光材料, [+], BOR, BORON, CARBONE, KALIUM, KOHLENSTOFF, PHOSPHOR, PHOSPHORE, PHOSPHORUS, POTASSIUM, POTASSIUM (FRANCAIS), SCHWEFEL, SOUFRE, SULFUR, SULPHUR, TUNGSTEN, TUNGSTENE, URAN, URANIUM, URANIUM (FRANCAIS), VANADIUM, VANADIUM (DEUTSCH), VANADIUM (FRANCAIS), WOLFRAM, WOLFRAM (DEUTSCH), YTTRIUM, YTTRIUM (DEUTSCH), YTTRIUM (FRANCAIS), 自氧化, Autoxidation, LOCOS, rapid thermal oxidation, redox (reactions), passivation, reduction (chemical), OXIDATION (DEUTSCH), OXYDATION, PASSIVATION (FRANCAIS), PASSIVIERUNG, PASSIVITY, autooxidation, 氧化, Auto oxidation, Oxidizing, Photo oxidation, Bomb reduction, Chemical reduction, 电极
Year: 2010
DOI identifier: 10.1021/nn1002387
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