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The new concepts and new developments in hte theory of polymer crystallization

By Wen HY, Meng YF, Jiang SC and An LJ


Recently a debate about the initial crystallization process which has not been the hotspot for a long time since the theory proposed by Hoffman- Lauritzen (LH) dominated the field arose again. For a long time the Hoffman-Lauritzen model was always confronted by criticism,and some of the points were taken up and led to modifications, but the foundation remained unchanged which deemed that before the nucleation and crystallization the system was uniform. In this article the classical nucleation and growth theory of polymer crystallization was reviewed, and the confusion of the explanations to the polymer crystallization phenomenon was pointed out. LH theory assumes that the growth of lamellae is by the direct attachment of chain sequences from the melt onto smooth lateral sides

Topics: X-RAY-SCATTERING, ISOTACTIC POLYPROPYLENE, ISOTHERMAL CRYSTALLIZATION, LIGHT-SCATTERING, INDUCTION PERIOD, BULK POLYMERS, POLYETHYLENE, MELT, TIME, GROWTH, X-rays--Scattering, Light--Scattering, induction period, Polyethylene, Time, Development, X-ray scattering, X RAY SCATTERING, 光散射, Light scattering, Scattering of light, Scattering (light), light attenuation, light diffusion, optical scattering, 诱导期, 聚乙烯, Crinothene, Polythene, PE, POLYAETHYLEN, POLYETHYLENE (FRANCAIS), promotion energy, 时间, Hours (Time), Horology, Sundials, Gnomonics, Sun-dials, time determination, time measurement, CADRANS SOLAIRES, SONNENUHREN, TEMPS, ZEIT, duration, 测时, Time Unit Leader, 展开, Growth, Ontogeny, Alloy development, 增长性, Animal growth, hypertrophy, maturing, growth rate (animals)
Year: 2008
DOI identifier: 10.3724/sp.j.1105.2008.00107
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