Patogenisitas Bakteri Aeromonas Hydrophila Asb01 Pada Ikan Gabus (Ophicephalus Striatus)


The study was aimed to know the pathogenicity and development of disease symptom caused by A. hydrophila ASB01 on Snakehead. The virulence of A.hydrophila ASB01 increased as many as three fold. Furthermore, pathogenicity test done as many as 0.1 ml/fish from density of bacteria 1.69 x 1011 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 1010 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 109 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 108 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 107 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 106 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 105 cfu/ml, 1.69 x 104 cfu/ml and 1.69 x 103 cfu/ml. Control was injected by PBS pH 7.4. Parameters to be controlled were development of disease symptom, LD50, and Mean Time to Death (MTD). The results of pathogenicity test showed that development of disease symptom to snake head was infected by A.hydrophila ASB01 and have similarity with disease symptom caused by A.hydrophila. Whereas MTD was 1.00 – 4.83 days after infected and the estimation of bacteria density to LD50 was 2,69 x 105 cfu/ml. The increment of bacteria density infected to snakehead could cause development of disease symptom was seriously increasing in condition and could make shorter of MTD. Key words: Aeromonas hydrophila ASB01, Pathogenicity, Snakehead

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This paper was published in Neliti.

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