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Loading Effect of W-band Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillator by Using Load-Pull Measurement

By Jue Wang, Abdullah Al-Khalidi, Andrei Cornescu, Razvan Morariu, Ata-ul-Habib Khalid, David Cumming and Edward Wasige


Resonant tunneling diode (RTD) is the fastest solid-state electronic device with the highest reported frequency at 1.92 THz [1]. RTD-based THz sources have many promising applications such as ultrafast wireless communications, THz imaging, etc. To date, the main limitation of RTD technology is the low output power. Many efforts had been made to increase the power level by such as optimizing the layer structure [2], employing more devices in an array [3], matching impedance by displacing the device in circuit [3], etc. Here we report the loading effect by using E/H impedance tuner. We found that the maximum power is over 20dB higher than the worst impedance matching and the frequency shift is within 14% range of the central frequency. The load-pull measurement provides a convenient way to investigate the power/frequency variation versus the impedance change. Further work will benefit from the measurement results to design corresponding impedance matching network. The power level of RTD oscillator will be increased

Year: 2017
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