Morphological and physiological changes in F63 and F35 seedlings under NaCl stress.


<p>(A) Maize inbred lines F63 and F35 were grown hydroponically and treated with 160mM NaCl for 2 days. (B) Shoot fresh weight of F63 and F35 with or without 160mM NaCl treatment. (C) Leaf RWC of F63 and F35. (D) Leaf osmotic potential of F63 and F35 treated with 160mM NaCl for 2 days. (E) Leaf REL of F63 and F35. (F) Reduction of the K<sup>+</sup>/Na<sup>+</sup> ratio after a 2-day NaCl treatment. For each parameter, ten seedlings were selected, and five independent biological replicates were conducted. Bars represent means ± SD (n = 5). Significant differences at P<0.01 according to Tukey’s test are indicated by different letters.</p

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