The effect of donepezil in spatial learning and memory in injured mice is independent from neurogenesis.


<p>(A) As depicted in the scheme, sham- and injured mice received either vehicle or donepezil for two weeks. Four weeks after surgery, mice were habituated for the Morris water maze. Mice were trained to find the platform for 11 consecutive days and a probe test was performed at day 12 Mice were fed with valganciclovir chow immediately after surgery until the end of all experiments. (B) Swimming speed in injured mice without neurogenesis and treatment was slower than controls. Donepezil treatment was able to overcome the impairment even in the absence of neurogenesis. (C) Consistent with previous observations, in the absence of neurogenesis the injured mice took the longest path to locate the hidden platform if no treatment was given. However, the performance improved after injured mice were treated with donepezil even while neurogenesis was inhibited. (D) Injured mice without neurogenesis and donepezil treatment spent significantly less time in the target zone when compared with the summation of time spent in other zones (open blue bars). However, treatment with donepezil reversed this deficit (open red bars). Two-way ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD post-hoc analysis was used in A and B. One-way ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD analysis was used in C. * <i>p</i><0.05, **** <i>p</i><0.001. Sham: <i>sham-injured</i>, CCI: <i>controlled cortical injury</i>, Veh: <i>vehicle</i>, Don: <i>donepezil</i>. Nor: <i>normal chow</i>, Valgan: <i>valganciclovir</i>. Number of mice used was 10 (Sham, Veh, Valgan), 12 (Sham, Don, Valgan), 11 (CCI, Veh, Valgan), and 10 (CCI, Don, Valgan).</p

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