Mechanism of dynamic entrapment: parameter oscillation.


<p>A shift in behavior (SR<sub>cond</sub> to CCWR) occurs when <i>ΔV</i><sub><i>repol</i></sub> rises above a critical value and the system enters region 3 of <i>R</i>-<i>ΔV</i><sub><i>repol</i></sub> space (at 2,000ms & 17,000ms); CCWR does not revert back to SR<sub>cond</sub> despite reversal of <i>ΔV</i><sub><i>repol</i></sub> back into region 2 (at 5,000ms & 20,000ms). The inverse occurs when <i>ΔV</i><sub><i>repol</i></sub> falls below another critical value and the system enters region 1 of parameter space (at 9,000ms & 24,000ms); the system returns to SR<sub>cond</sub> and remains there even when the system returns to region 2 (at 13,000ms & 28,000ms).</p

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