Preserved OXPHOS protein levels and mitochondrial biogenic signaling in ADQ<sup>-/-</sup> hearts.


<p>AMPK phosphorylation (A), SIRT1 activity (B), lysine acetylation (Lys-Ac) of PGC-1α (C), mRNA expression of OXPHOS subunits (D), mRNA expression of mitochondrial biogenesis signaling molecules (E), mRNA expression of fatty acid oxidation genes and PPARα (F), and mitochondrial protein levels of OXPHOS complexes I (NDUFB8 subunit; G), II (Fp subunit; H), and IV (subunit IV; I) in hearts of ADQ<sup>-/-</sup> and WT mice at 8 weeks of age; n = 4–5. Myocardial mRNA expression is expressed relative to WT expression which was set to 1 (indicated by the dotted line). * p<0.05 vs. WT.</p

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