Additional analyses of monocytes reveals diversity of surface expression on classical, intermediate, and non-classical monocytes.


<p>A. Examples of monocyte gating from a healthy volunteer control and DLBCL patient. Mononuclear cells were gated from CD45+ WBCs ([WBCs]). CD14<sup>+</sup> monocytes were gated from [MNCs]. CD14<sup>+</sup> cells were either plotted with HLA-DR to identify HLA-DR<sup>lo/neg</sup> populations or CD16 to delineate CD14<sup>+</sup>CD16<sup>-</sup> classical monocytes, CD14<sup>+</sup>CD16<sup>+</sup> intermediate monocytes, and CD14<sup>lo</sup>CD16<sup>+</sup> non-classical monocytes. B. Histogram overlays of HLA-DR, CD86, TNFR2, and CD40 on a healthy volunteer control and DLBCL patient. Classical monocytes were colored in red, intermediate monocytes colored in black, and non-classical monocytes were colored blue.</p

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