Structure refinement of ribosome-binding element from turnip crinkle virus genome.


<p>(A) Superposition of 20 structures, obtained by refining against NMR, secondary structure, and knowledge-based restraints. The RMS deviation for the bundle is 13.24±0.56 Å. (B) When incorporating of SAXS and P-P envelope distance restraints, the structural convergence is improved to 8.20±0.44 Å. (C) With the incorporation of additional map restraints, the RMS deviation is further lowed to 2.35±0.05 Å, for the 20-structure bundle. (D) By allowing only translation movement for the RNA duplexes but not the rotational movement, refined against both NMR and map restraints, the convergence of the calculated structures can be improved to 0.76±0.03 Å. The structure for generating the density map (the first model of PDB structure 2KRL) is colored red. The RMS difference between the structure calculated and the reference structure is 2.65±0.27 Å and 0.94±0.04 Å for (C) and (D), respectively.</p

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