<p>Implanted catheter segments were injected with <b>(A)</b> 1457-M10, 1457-M10Δ<i>aap</i>, 1457-M10Δ<i>sbp</i>, and 1457-M10Δ<i>aap</i>Δ<i>sbp</i> (n = 10 mice per strain) or <b>(B)</b> 1585 (n = 9 mice) and 1585Δ<i>sbp</i> (n = 10 mice). Animals were sacrificed after 7 days and numbers of catheter adherent cells [CFU/ml] and bacteria from the peri-catheter tissue [CFU/g] were enumerated. n.s., not significant compared to the Sbp producing parent strain (1457-M10 or 1585, respectively).</p

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