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Manufacturing flexible light-emitting polymer displays with conductive lithographic film technology

By D Lochun, M Kilitziraki, DJ Harrison and I Samuel


We report on a new low-cost manufacturing process for flexible displays that has the potential to rapidly expand the market into areas that have traditionally been outside the scope of such technology. In this paper we consider the feasibility of using offset-lithography to deposit contacts for polymer light-emitting displays. We compare and contrast manufacturing criteria and present a case study detailing our initial results. It is expected that these developments will stimulate further progress in multilayer device\ud fabrication. \ud \ud Cheap, flexible conductive interconnects have the potential to find applications in a wide variety of device structures. For the more challenging exploitation areas in multilayer devices, such as displays, it was found that the properties of conductive lithographic films were not optimal in their current form. Three parameters (conductivity, surface roughness and surface work function) were identified as critical to device fabrication. Calendering and electroless plating were investigated as methods to improve these properties. Both methods aimed to modify the surface roughness and conductivity, with the plating study also modifying the work function

Publisher: IOP
Year: 2001
OAI identifier: oai:bura.brunel.ac.uk:2438/2385
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