Analysis of Autophagy in HSV-1 Infection of Retinal Ganglion Cells.


<p>A. Experimental layout. B. RGC5 cells were transfected with HcRed-LC3. After 24 hr, the cells were mock-treated, treated with MG132, or infected with HSV-1 for 24 hr. The cells were washed in presence of saponin, and analyzed cytofluorimetrically. C. Quantitation of the relative levels of autophagosomal LC3-II in (B), calculated using integrated MFI of the gated region R6. D. Quantification of autophagosomal LC3-II (from saponin-treated cells), shown as % of total LC3 (non saponin-treated cells), as a function of infection with various MOIs of HSV-1 in RGC5 cells.</p

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