trkA<sup>NGF</sup> expression in isolated untreated and NGF-treated photoreceptors.


<p>Photoreceptors were isolated from p10 retinal cells that were cultured alone (untreated) or stimulated with NGF or neutralized (ANA) for 6 consecutive days. (A) Photoreceptor isolation was performed as described in M&M. (B) Representative side scatter (FSC/SSC) showing the Rhodopsin backgating over a total retinal cell population (10000 events). (C-D) TrkA<sup><b>NGFR</b></sup> protein (C) and target gene (D) expression in photoreceptors isolated from cultures exposed to NGF (50ng/mL) or ANA (500ng/mL). Note the increased trkA<sup><b>NGFR</b></sup> expression upon NGF exposure. (DAPI nuclear staining; Magnifications: A,B: x400; C-H; x600/oil immersion).</p

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