<p><b>(A)</b> Upper panel shows different strains grown in liquid MSgg medium and MSgg supplemented with 2mM FeSO<sub>4</sub> to stationary phase. Bottom panel shows the spectrum of pulcherriminic acid that was measured in cell extracts. <b>(B)</b> Upper panel shows the pictures of cultures of different strains that were grown with or without vancomycin (0,2 μg/ml) (MSgg liquid medium). Bottom panel shows their growth curve in the presence of vancomycin (0,2 μg/ml) (LB liquid medium). <b>(C)</b> Pictures of cultures of different strains that were grown in MSgg liquid medium in regular atmosphere or under oxygen-limiting conditions. Cells were incubated at 30°C for 72h. <b>(D)</b> Growth of the different strains in the absence of oxygen. MSgg medium was modified by replacing glutamate and glycerol with glucose 1% and NaNO<sub>3</sub> 0,2% <b>(E)</b> Schematic representation of the specific signaling pathways that are associated with FloA or FloT. Genes detected in the microarray analysis whose expression was influenced by flotillins are represented in black.</p

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