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Identification and screening of other <i>esr1</i> alleles/insertion lines conferring increased resistance to <i>Fusarium oxysporum</i>.

By Louise F. Thatcher (740625), Lars G. Kamphuis (740626), James K. Hane (218015), Luis Oñate-Sánchez (215948) and Karam B. Singh (228088)


<p>(a-b) Disease phenotypes of <i>F</i>. <i>oxysporum</i> inoculated wild-type (WT) <i>GSTF8</i>:<i>LUC</i> and <i>esr1-2</i> plants. Values are averages ± SE (n>15). (c) <i>At5g53060/ESR1</i>, <i>LUCIFERASE</i> (<i>LUC</i>) and <i>GSTF8</i> expression in 12 day old WT and <i>esr1-2</i> seedlings (values are averages ± SE of 3 biological replicates consisting of pools of 20 seedlings). Gene expression levels are relative to the internal control <i>β-actin</i> genes. (d-g) Disease phenotypes of <i>F</i>. <i>oxysporum</i> inoculated (d-e) Col-0 and SALK_09566, and (f-g) WT <i>GSTF8</i>:<i>LUC</i> and <i>esr1-3</i> and <i>esr1-4</i> plants. Values are averages ± SE (n>15). (h) <i>esr1-1</i>, <i>esr1-3</i> and <i>esr1-4</i> mutants were crossed and F<sub>1</sub> progeny screened for complementation of the <i>GSTF8</i>:<i>LUC</i> constitutive expression phenotype. Crosses to wild-type (WT) <i>GSTF8</i>:<i>LUC</i> were included as controls. (i) Next Generation Mapping identified <i>esr1-3</i> and <i>esr1-4</i> mutations at splice site junctions in <i>At5g53060/ESR1</i>. For <i>Fusarium</i> disease assays, diseased leaves was measured at 14 days post inoculation and survival at 21 days post inoculation. Asterisks indicate values that are significantly different (**<i>P</i><0.01, *<i>P</i><0.05 Student’s <i>t-</i>test) from WT or Col-0.</p

Topics: Biological Sciences, GSTF 8 promoter fragment, ja, ESR 1 functions, esr, expression, ESR 1 gene, pathogen Fusarium oxysporum, luciferase reporter gene, defense responses, sa, Arabidopsi, Unlinking Growth Restraint
Year: 2015
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0126978.g005
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