<p>A) Experimental setup and schematic diagram of a basketball defender and dribbler. The objective of the dribbler was to get past the defender and invade the defended area behind the defender. According to the basketball rules, the dribbler was not permitted to cross the sideline and the defender was allowed to stop the dribbler from a head-on position only. (B) Time series of defender’s (red) and dribbler’s (black) mediolateral velocity and vertical ground reaction forces (Fz) of defender’s leading foot (blue) and trailing foot (pink) in a choice-reaction sidestep, a non-weighted (NW) and guarding, and weighted (W) and penetrating trial. The vertical solid and dashed lines are defender’s (0 ms) and choice-reaction signal illumination or dribbler’s initiation times, respectively. The horizontal dashed line for Fz is the criterion for determining non-weighted trials (120% body weight). Preparatory interval is defined as the 400 ms interval before the defender initiated his movement. (C) State transition diagrams with the probabilities of the preparatory GRF state on the outcome of 1-on-1 dribble. We confirmed the outcome probabilities of the non-weighted (NW) and weighted (W) trials. The thickness of arrows represents higher probabilities.</p

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