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Patterns of Oncogene Activation and TSG Inactivation.

By Benjamin J. Blyth (543685), Shizuko Kakinuma (763026), Masaaki Sunaoshi (763027), Yoshiko Amasaki (763028), Shinobu Hirano-Sakairi (763029), Kanae Ogawa (763030), Ayana Shirakami (763031), Yi Shang (128216), Chizuru Tsuruoka (763032), Mayumi Nishimura (455516) and Yoshiya Shimada (203843)


<p>All 117 tumours are sorted by the presence (1) or absence (0) of specific aberrations in <i>Notch1</i>, <i>Ikzf1</i>, <i>Pten</i>, <i>Trp53</i> and <i>Bcl11b</i>, with (-) denoting an unclear result. Patterns of activation/inactivation are highlighted by letter codes as shown in the key, for <i>Notch1</i> (A-E), <i>Ikzf1</i> (F-H) and <i>Pten</i> (I-K). Almost complete LOH at the <i>Bcl11b</i> locus can be observed, along with high frequency of <i>Notch1</i> aberrations. <i>Pten</i> aberrations, and particularly homozygous <i>Pten</i> mutations, are more frequently associated with tumours not carrying the combined 5′ Deletion and PEST mutation in <i>Notch1</i>.</p

Topics: Uncategorised, monoenergetic carbon ion radiotherapy beam, tumours, Bcl 11b, radiotherapy patients, patient data, carbon ion radiotherapy patients, DNA damage, carbon ion radiotherapy, Bcl 11b genes, radiation quality, Genetic analysis, T cell lymphomas, radiation groups, 13 keV .μm, B 6C mice, cancer induction, radiotherapy target volume, Carbon Ion Radiotherapy Monitoring mice, patient radiotherapy protocols, gamma, genomic loci, tumour volume, Frequent Interstitial Chromosome Deletions, Pten mutation frequency, equivalent dose, cancer risk, radiation types, Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator, Energy transfer, Trp 53, carbon ion irradiation, chromosomal deletions, carbon ion, Second Cancer Induction, energy transfer radiation, Normal Tissues, tissue specificity
Year: 2015
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0130666.g005
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