Additional file 3: Figure S2. of A high-throughput pipeline for detecting locus-specific polymorphism in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)


Validation of marker location of Bradi1g07500.1 using a DH (doubled haploid) population. Orthologous sequences of Bradi1g07500.1 were amplified from the two parents of the DH population, B (‘Batavia’) and E (‘Ernie’), and sequenced. The single nucleotide polymorphism (in red and green) and restriction enzyme sites (underlined) were identified between B and E for Bradi1g07500.1 with restriction enzyme BtgI (A). The amplified products of the two parents and 13 of the RIL lines were digested and separated on agarose gels. The map position of the new marker on chromosome 3B (B) was calculated based on the linkage map published by Li et al. [21]

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