<p>Injection of 1x10^6 B16 melanoma cells s.c. followed by repetitive daily treatment with 2 nmol CpG/ CpG-scrambled RNA/ CpG-siRNA A20 for 7 days started on day 4; for all animals tumor tissue samples collected and analyzed on day 14. Detection of Trp-1 tumor-specific CD8+ T cells by multimer staining. Shown are results from one representative experiment. <b>(A)</b> Mean percentage of total and Trp-1 specific activated (IFN-γ positive) CTLs (6 mice/group); n.s. indicates not significant, *indicates p<0.05 compared to CpG. <b>(B)</b> Dot plots showing frequency of activated (IFN-γ positive) Trp-1 specific CTLs in tumor-derived lymphocyte fraction (one representative animal per group).</p

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