Analysis of <i>TCF1</i> expression and nuclear localization of the TCF1 protein.


<p><b>(A)</b> Three-week-old Col-0 (WT) plants were subjected to low temperature (4°C) and the samples were harvested at the indicated time points for semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis of <i>TCF1</i> transcripts. <i>ACT2</i> (<i>At3g18780</i>) was used as a loading control. <b>(B)</b> GUS staining of transgenic plants expressing <i>TCF1pro</i>::<i>GUS</i> under normal temperature or treated at 4°C for 7 days. <b>(C)</b> Semi-quantitative RT-PCR for <i>TCF1</i> in different tissues with or without cold treatments for 7 days. R, root; Sh, shoot; L, leaves; F, flowers; Si, siliques. <b>(D)</b> Semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis for <i>TCF1</i> of three-week-old Col-0 plants treated with 100 μM ABA, 400 mM mannitol, 20% PEG6000, 300 mM NaCl for 3 h and 4°C Cold treatment for 24 h. <b>(E)</b> Localization of fluorescence in <i>tcf1-1</i> plants expressing a <i>TCF1pro</i>::<i>GFP-TCF1</i> fusion at 22°C (<i>Upper</i>) and 4°C for 7 days (<i>Bottom</i>). GFP: GFP-TCF1 fusion protein (<i>tcf1-1TCF1-3</i>), DAPI: DAPI staining, Merge: Merger of GFP and DAPI channels (Scale bars, 20 μm).</p

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