vFLIP or vCyclin deletion mutant virus recovered the SMAD2 expression in SLK or TIVE cells.


<p>(A and B) Western blot for SMAD2 in iSLK or TIVE cells infected with wild type KSHV or with mutant KSHV lacking vFLIP, vCyclin, or both. The infected cells were selected at least 4 weeks and harvested to detect SMAD2 expression. Actin was used as internal control. The experiments were performed twice independently, and one representative blot is shown. (C) qRT-PCR for SMAD2 and miR-17-92 from TIVE cells infected with wild type KSHV or with mutant KSVH lacking vFLIP, vCyclin and both. RNAs were harvested from latently infected TIVE cells and qRT-PCR was performed in triplicate. The expression of non-infected TIVE cell set at 1. GAPDH was used as internal control for normalization. The experiment was done three times independently.</p

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