Schematic Representation of the A. CHIKV and B. DENV genomes, respectively, with regions targeted by the Dual Targeting Introns.


<p><b>A</b>. CHIKV genomic RNA diagram with the indicated conserved region targeted for viral suppression. The CHIKV conserved domain, labeled as the CHIKV Conserved Region, was determined through a Clustal X alignment of GenBank obtained CHIKV sequences (see <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and Methods</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">S5 Fig</a>). <b>B</b>. The most invariant segments of the DENV RNA are known as the 5’ and 3’ cyclization sequences (labeled as the Group I Intron target site). These sequences are so named because they are complementary to each other and are thought to be involved in the formation of a panhandle structure during genome replication.</p

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